Best Tips for Safe Office Christmas Parties

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At most Christmas office parties, employers have the responsibility to look after the health, safety and welfare of their employees during the party – in addition to ensuring that they have an enjoyable time. If you are looking for a stress free party, then the best option can be a shared party, like the ones we offer in Birmingham, Leicester and Wolverhampton, otherwise you can plan everything by yourself. It is common knowledge that Christmas parties produce a positive atmosphere and have a great impact on work morale. A Christmas office party is the perfect way to show your employees appreciation for their hard work.

best tips for safe office Christmas parties


In order to ensure that your Christmas office party is full of the utmost security, you should choose a venue that is safe, work-appropriate and easily accessible. Accessibility is the best way to make sure that there is a good turnout for your party; parking facilities should be looked into and be readily available for the chosen date of your party. If you decide to host the party at a public venue rather than a private one, think about reserving an area that will be dedicated to your company only. This will allow you to easily control the event throughout the night, and to make sure that safety is a top priority.


Prior to the Christmas office party, it is important that you have conversations with your employees about their conduct during the party. Be sure to remind staff that it is a work-related event and as such, they should drink in moderation. You should also outline the types of behaviour that is considered unacceptable, explaining the consequences and procedures they must follow in the event of unacceptable behaviour.


For all corporate events, whether they be held within the office or outside of the office, a full risk assessment must be carried out. It is important that the risk assessment includes all of the possible risks that may occur during the Christmas office party, any hazards that they may cause, also the procedures that should be followed as a prevention for such risks. By undertaking a full risk assessment, you can be sure to minimise the event of issues and risks, helping to improve the events overall safety.


Something that many employers overlook when planning a Christmas office party is making sure that there are human resource policies in place to take care of particular issues that may arise during the party. It is vital to be sure that such policies cover issues of harassment, occupational health and safety, drugs and alcohol, social media usage, and the transport and use of company vehicles. By having such policies, it will guarantee that your night is as safe as it is enjoyable.


Another important factor to consider when holding a Christmas office party is the type of food and drink that will be provided. It is crucial that you respect any religious or moral beliefs that employees may have, regarding the sorts of food that they are and are not able to eat. The best way to ensure that certain requirements can be accommodated on the night is to ask employees beforehand. It is essential to provide food for your guests, particularly if alcoholic beverages are going to be available. A good tip is to make sure the menu provides food that has high protein and carbohydrate content – these will help to slow the effects of the alcohol.

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