Christmas Characters at the Office Party

Posted by Melanie on

There are a few distinctive characters at every staff Christmas party – are you sure you’re not the Scrooge?

We've been hosting Christmas staff parties for 4 years and despite the changing fads and fashions, we've seen just about everything in that time,' The faces may change as quickly as the music at these Christmas party but one thing is constant - the characters who attend each year.


The organisers, the lady doing all the work, wondering if she’ll ever see the other side of the New Year, never mind the Christmas party. But she makes it, transformed into a princess for all to see, the sparkling Cinderella, full of spirit and gleam. If you’re the one who worked hard to make your Christmas party night a success and will be making all the effort on the night, this might just be you.

the Grinch character

The Grinch

You know the type, swears they hate Christmas and all its festivities, but you can see the cracks, they will engage in all the fun and frolics once the ice breaks. So if you’re the one most reluctant to attend your Office Christmas party, but the one most likely to be having all the fun, you sir and the Grinch.

Elf Character


The one with all the spirit, couldn’t plan the evening with a map and a to-do list, but can most definitely be the life of the party. You love Christmas, wish it came around every week if it could. While you are at the party your jolly tendencies are great at first, but when your merry tendencies (probably from 1 too many drinks) become too much to handle, you’ll be the one waking up with slight confusion as to why you were put in the taxi before the evening ended.

Piggy & Kermit

The romance under the mistletoe, the togetherness and the fondling all night long; if you and your partner just love Christmas, and find public displays of affection, well, affectionate then this is probably you.


And of course, Scrooge, the one who was practically force to the party, the person only there for the cooked meal, the sour face who didn’t smile for the group photo. It’s the same person you see buying drinks at the end of the night, the jolly attitude warms them and the generosity over whelms the Scrooge before the nights end. Watch out, there’s no escaping the Christmas spirit.

Keep these Characters in mind when you attend one of our Moonlight & Mistletoe Christmas Party nights, naming and quite possibly shaming the Grinch’s, Buddies and Scrooges of the night could be fun. (If you’re not the Scrooge of course.)