Christmas Gifts For Corporate Clients

Posted by Melanie on

It’s is nearing the festive months and it’s time to start thinking about giving gifts to your clients in order to show appreciation for their business throughout the year.

When presented a client with a gift, the key to getting it right is to give something that is specifically tailored to the recipient. If you are sending something to several people in an office environment, be sure to buy something that they can all enjoy, food is always a great idea. In regards to individual gifts, find out what they are interested in and tailor your choices to what you have found out.

Throughout the years, we have given and received many gifts and to be honest, some were better than others. I've put together a list of some of my favourite Christmas gifts so that you can give something that will put you in your client’s good books as a new year begins.

Holiday Gift Basket

Let’s begin with a favourite of mine, a gift basket. There is nothing better than a basket of assorted treats and goodies for the office. With a basket that offers both sweet and savoury goods, you’ll have the whole office picking out a treat every time they pass it. Now, that’s a perfect gift. If the basket is empty once everyone breaks up for Christmas, you have succeeded.

Baskets should have a wide array of goodies such as zesty cheddar crackers, cheese biscuits, smoked almonds, cookies, coffee, and chocolate covered strawberries (and much more!). A bountiful basket like this is sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients!

Magazine Subscription

There is always a need for a magazine in the office, who doesn’t love flicking through a good mag? A subscription is a really specific gift, so you’re really going to need to know your clients if you are going to get this, as you’re going to have to choose a good one. Do they like golf? Are they a motor vehicle enthusiast? Or even if right now, business is all they are focused on, ensure that you get them something they’ll appreciate. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, so make sure they want it. Show off your logo on imprinted ribbon!

Gifts with logos are a very clever way to help repeat business; there are companies everywhere that will be able to do this for you. And then, all you have to do is wrap your gifts, goodies such as fresh fruit, chocolate covered almonds, peppermint bark, caramel corn are all appropriate Christmas gifts to decorate with ribbons. Remember, to put the emphasis on saying thank you and not about self-promotion.

Belgian Chocolate Gifts

These are the perfect inexpensive gift for Christmas; everyone loves chocolate, consider presenting it in a gift box or basket to make it look really fancy. A large basket would be perfect for a chocolate lover or for an office to share!

Gourmet Cookies with your Logo

Another tasteful and tasty way to reinforce your logo to your clients during the holiday months. Decide on whether you want hand-decorated jumbo shortbread cookies or cookies with the logo printed on with edible ink. You could even get creative with the prints and write little thank you messages and holiday puns, these cookies are always a great way for your clients to remember you throughout the festive months.