Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Posted by Melanie on

If ever there was an excuse to sparkle, its the festive season. Dress up and Get Glam because there are so many costume ideas for those fun loving people out there who really want to get in the mood.

If you need nativity costumes, there are plenty of online stores with free delivery which is better than off the peg because there is so much more variety. You wont get stuck in long ques at the shopping centre, struggle to find parking and (if you have kids) risk being dragged into the grotto. Dressing up is always fun, however turning up to the Christmas event in the exact same ensemble as your arch nemesis in the work place is never good so be creative. Santa outfits are original and never get old but why not try an elf, cracker, candy cane, sexy Mary Christmas or a ginger bread man. You could even get your manager to be Santa and the rest of the workforce as elves! If you want a smarter and sophisticated look... Think Oscars and wear long gowns in rich colours.. The guys can also get glammed up by wearing a tuxedo or adding a bit of bling in the means of a sparkly tie or blinged out pocket square.

A balance of looking smart but keeping Christmas orientated would be to wear similar colours or the same item. The colors red, gold and green alone scream Christmas so why not all wear the same colour and vary the colour by department so each area has their individuality but collectively still look part of the same company! One last thing.... Don't Forget to Accessorize!!!!!!!!