Good impressions at the Christmas party

Posted by Melanie on

Everybody loves a smile.

When you meet someone new at the Christmas Party, treat them as though they could possibly be your new best friend, making eye contact shows that they can be comfortable in your presence, and giving them a genuine smile does too. When you’re introduced, immediately repeat their name, and again, smile.

"A smile is the shortest distance between 2 people"

Use your body

The body never lies, you can tell a lot by someone's body language. If your smiling but your gestures are reserved, your conversation will be uncomfortable. Adopt a positive posture with a tall, comfortable stance. Keep your hands in check – small gestures are good, but don’t fidget. Instead, hold a glass or canapé in your hand to help distract you.

Talk the talk

Avoid running out of things to say by preparing in advance. Knowing what’s happening in the world will always give you some conversation fuel. If your mind goes blank, make an observation about the party – the food and decorations are good places to start. And remember you can also instantly increase the warmth in your voice by smiling.

Scotland Christmas lg

Set yourself goals
Before you arrive, tell yourself you’ll stay for 2 or 3 hours or talk to at least 6 people before you leave. Decide what you want to get out of the party and do your best to make it happen. Approach people standing alone as they may be feeling awkward, too. You could then chat with others together.

And lastly, Enjoy it!

It's Christmas, mingle, smile, laugh dance and have a great time, but don't drink too much! This is still a work event and you don't want to be telling a few home truths when you have to go back to work after the New Year.