Guide to booking your Christmas Party

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Christmas parties used to be easy, a few mince pies at the office and a secret Santa before the Christmas and New Year’s Eve break. But now, organising the Christmas party is a little more complex, but that’s okay, because the night is going to be magnificent. If you are the one stuck organizing the office Christmas party this year, don’t worry, we have some tips that can lift the weight off of your shoulders.

After you have decided on a budget per head, you are going to need to get a rough idea of the numbers, check whether it’s a department party or you’re organising something for the whole company to enjoy. This is one of the first and most vital pieces of information that you are going to need. Numbers determine the venue and the type of party that you’re going to be able to throw.

If you are organising a party of 10 people, then a shared Christmas office party like one of the famous Moonlight & Mistletoe nights or a meal at a restaurant are your most realistic options. For larger bookings for 100 or below, shared Christmas parties are still one of your main options as you can enjoy the luxury of a large extravagant venue at a fraction of the price. For larger companies, it’s a great idea to have an exclusive Christmas party, but with the organising, planning and arranging the whole event things can sometimes spiral out of control. Once you have made your decision, you have to think of what you want you night to include, typically this aligns with you budget, sit down meals or meals and a disco are typically the cheapest option, but we encourage you to look at companies that throw annual Christmas parties with entertainment.

Pick a date - Ensure that it suits all of your guests and consider the work schedules. Whether or not you book on a weekday or weekend, ensure that all of your guests can make it, and preferably are not due in to work the next morning.

To elaborate on ensuring guest can make it to the office Christmas party; book your night at a local venue. Having a Christmas party out of town limits the guests that can attend, arranging taxis, the taxi fees and the time it takes to go out of town will be a deterrent for many people.

Then it comes down to the finer details, you’ll have to start thinking about the little things, the more tedious and vital things. This is when it could make or break you.

When will you book?

Making a decision on when to book is a small decision, but it has a huge impact on whether or not you get exactly what you wanted. Leaving it late to book your party venue and event may seem like a good idea in regards to the commitment, and it may seem like the best thing to do in regards to ensuring that everyone can rsvp for your Christmas office party, however, leaving it late to book a venue could be catastrophic ….

What will you eat?

The food is what makes or breaks an event, and when you are dealing with a large number of people, it can be hard work. First decide whether you want a meal at the office Christmas party or just finger food, this is usually down to both budget and the individuals, so we encourage you to arrange a vote.

Is there going to be a drinks tab?

Some companies pay for the party and the meal, and maybe even the first drink. Most companies stay clear of the drinks tab as they know just how much their employees can put away, but it is always something you need to consider in order tomake your Christmas party the best it can be.
There are many things to consider when you are appointed to organise the office annual Christmas party, we have highlighted these as some of the most important things to need to consider in order to have a successful end of year party with all of the friends you’ve made at work.
Just remember to book early (now), consider everybody and make sure there is more than enough food available. Those 3 points are going to be key when you are booking your office Christmas party.

Good Luck! And don’t forget to consider us for your Christmas party this year.
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