10 Cool Office Christmas Party Ideas

Posted by Melanie on

1. Secret Santa

The typical secret Santa is a classic, put everybody's names into a hat and everyone picks a name at random and buys that person a gift! make sure you keep it a secret to who you get!

2. Fancy dress

Getting the office to come in there best fancy dress is always a great time! You could also have a competition and a reward for the best costume!

3. office party

Why not give the office a small party to get to know there peers more and to get a bit of stress off everybody!

4. Christmas food

You could make a little food table filled with different Christmas themed foods and tell the staff whats on the menu for lunch time today!

5. Day out

Maybe you could take the office on a trip out to a local pub for a meal or even take them abroad!

6. Christmas tree

Why not get a tree in the office and let everybody decorate it to there liking!

7. Arts and craft

Let the staff get involved with a crafting task or a team building task and give a reward to the winning team!

8. Lifesize cutout

It would be so funny to see a fully sized cutout of the boss and the rest of the staff with there face on a reindeer or a elf!

9. Stockings

Hang up a separate stocking for each employee and fill it with some small gifts for them!

10. Personal gift

Why not go the extra mile and get a small gift for all the staff that you have had custom made for them! A great idea would be a coffee cup!

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