Dos and Dont's at A Office Christmas Party

Posted by Melanie on

Going to a office Christmas party this year? ( hopefully one of our parties )Make sure you look at these tips so you don't make a fool of yourself! 

do's and don't at a office Christmas party


The Do List


1. Be prepared

Always make sure you are ready for the party on time and don't turn up late, also make sure you are always ready to talk to people and don't look grumpy!

2. Dress Correctly

Be sure to dress appropriately and don't over dress, keep things easy and simple and don't try to overdo everything.

3. Get involved

Don't hide in the corner and not speak to anyone or sit at your desk the entire party, Make sure you talk and mingle with the group and get to know your peers more!

4. Help others

Not only is it important to keep yourself in a good manner but also try to keep your fellow peers in a good manner, you never know who will turn up to the Christmas party so its important to be professional.

5. Have fun!

Make sure you actually have fun at the party, its fine to be professional and respectable but don't be scared to get involved and actually have a good time!


The Don't List


1. Be late

Make sure you are on time for the party and try your best to not turn up an hour late. It could always make your boss wonder about your time keeping!

2. Drink to much

Don't be the person to drink a whole bottle of vodka and pass out in the canteen. Be responsible and keep the drinking at a low.

3. Flirting

You work with your peers everyday, Make sure you are not trying to flirt because your a little tipsy and feeling differently about the person you work 5 foot away from!

4. Gossip

Don't start making up rumors about people in the office for a joke as it can always turn sour and will get you in trouble with higher management.

5. Climb the ladder

Just because your boss is having fun and is in a light mood, Don't try and take advantage and climb your way up the ladder. Keep it normal and don't try to push your luck.