Benefits of shared Christmas party

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Shared Christmas parties are parties that are not exclusively organized by yourselves and they are evenings that you share with other companies in the area. There are many reasons as to why you would choose a shared Christmas party, and here are just a few.

Experienced Party Organisation

Booking a share Christmas party means that you get the benefit of the experience party organisers. Exclusive Christmas parties are very difficult to organise, the idea of arranging everything for your colleagues while still trying to complete all of your assigned work before the end of the year is daunting. Shared parties mean that most of the hard work is taken care of, and you get to enjoy Christmas with your colleagues.

Amazing Venue

If you are booking a Christmas party for small numbers, you will benefit from shared parties, this way you can still experience an extravagant venue, spectacular entertainment and just an all-round larger event. We create spectacular theming at our Birmingham and Wolverhampton Christmas Parties, something we would not be able to do on a small budget. Small companies usually settle for a meal or an evening drink if there isn’t many people attending the Christmas event, this does not have to be the case, with shared Christmas parties, you are able to experience a large Christmas party with elaborate theming.

Great Value for Money

Booking a venue, hiring entertainment and decorators can be very expensive, catering for a small amount of people makes more financial sense when booking a shared Christmas party, this is because the party will benefit from the amount of people attending, with more people, and we are able to bring the price per head budget down because of this. This allows you to enjoy an amazing night at great value. Exclusive parties will not be able to be inclusive of entertainment, food, theming etc without spending a pretty penny. We hire entertainers like fire eaters, angle grinders and stilt walkers at our Moonlight & Mistletoe Events, it makes an evening something to be remembered. 

No Planning Stress

If you have arranged exclusive nights before, you can certainly relate to the hard work it takes to arrange one, there is so much to do and in order for the night to be a success. You will need to consider licenses, accessibilities, formats and all of the small things that are usually overlooked. The details we take for granted when attending a Christmas party need to be addressed, for most, organizing this while still keeping up with your day job can get stressful, here is where the shared Christmas parties help, we do all of the tricky bits for you. ,

If an exclusive Christmas party is still something you would like to arrange, read our article on how to do plan an office Christmas party, we give you some tips on how to successfully plan and organise a Christmas party. Of course if you want a shared Christmas party, this is something we can also help with. Email me at or use our enquiry form