Christmas in Paris

Posted by Melanie on

Paris is more beautiful than ever in winter, especially on a December night, when the buildings are highlighted by the street lights and complimented with decorations.

Winter is also the period in which you’ll find some of the year’s best exhibitions, restaurants with oysters, truffles and game, and you can get into the festive spirit at the free outdoor ice rinks in front of the Hôtel de Ville and Gare Montparnasse too. It is one of the most perfect ways to create some special memories, for as little as €5.

Check out the African drumming in the city and the art both in the center and montmartre.

The Montmartre is amazing, and we advice you not to miss the experience

Also, the Marché d’Aligre is the only place in Paris to combine 3 markets, a flea, open-air, and covered. Discover the history behind one of the most original Parisian markets as you go on a shopping and tasting experience!

The gorgeous arrays of boutiques and beautiful window displays turn Paris into a never-ending shopper's paradise for guests in the Christmas Period, so be strong if you don't plan to spend too much on your trip to Paris.