Christmas preparations

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There may still be 70 days to go, but the first signs of Christmas are appearing in Birmingham already. For some of you, this may seem ridiculous; the nation is split into two types of people this time of year, those who get

prematurely excited about the upcoming holidays and those who patiently wait until December to start getting festive. Which are you?

Despite the opinions of some, department stores start planning their Christmas campaigns well before the winter begins, and start making Christmas products available to the public as early as September.

It’s the time of year when the stores in Birmingham share their Christmas campaigns, public areas put decorations up ready for the big reveal, and even some homes are preparing for Christmas. Things are slowly but surely coming together.

As the days go by, we are getting ever more excited about Christmas time. If you’re one to prepare for Christmas

early, then here are a few places that have anticipated the early Christmas prep and have decorations, food ideas, presents and so many other products to help you prepare for the perfect Christmas.

Marks and Spencer’s has all their Christmas ideas on the shop floor, they have not put too much emphasis on it yet, but you will find all your essential Christmas products here. They have a ‘small gift collection’ a ‘prepare your home’

sections and a ‘Children’s wonderland’ section too. They also feature Christmas decoration essentials, as well as food and wines. If you head over to their website then you’ll find space saving ideas, space saving Christmas trees, and amazing Christmas hampers too. Marks and Spencer’s is always an amazing store for fun ideas for the festive holidays.

John Lewis categorise their Christmas decorations in themed sections. Choose your trend and shop until you drop!

Whether you are looking for that vintage market style home, woodland wonder, festive forest, odyssey or rural life style for your home this year, they have all the components to create it perfectly for you. They also have all the new ‘must have’ gadgets to help make Christmas gift decisions a little less stressful.

Not only are the big department stores getting ready for the big Christmas rush, light fixtures all over Birmingham have been installed and are ready for the big lights-on show later in the year; the traditional lights that illuminate

Birmingham are set up and are ready for the big reveal.

For an update on what to expect on the night of the Christmas lights show, please check out our Birmingham Christmas Light Show blog.

Christmas doesn’t begin in Birmingham with just the light set up and the stores retailing decorations, promoting the new ‘must have’ gifts and preparing for the huge Christmas rush. We all know it’s not Christmas until the coca cola advert is on the TV, and the tour dates are released. Do you agree?

But it’s only October, is it early to start celebrating Christmas? Valid points such as ‘Early Christmas preparation spoils the build up to Christmas’ have been made this year. What are your thoughts?