Coca Cola Truck Details

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The iconic red truck can only mean one thing, Christmas is coming! Coca Cola revealed the UK destinations it will be touring this Christmas, and unfortunately, the West Midlands isn’t on the list this year.

The list was not meant to be released yet however the full list appeared on the coca cola website shortly after a list of places were accidentally leaked online.

Coca-Cola today announced that 'holidays are coming' for 46 locations across the country, where visitors will be able to catch a glimpse of the famous truck from the advert, this is somewhat of a tradition to many families and we absolutely love the festive truck and the spirit it brings to some many cities across the UK.

And of course, once we have the taste for Christmas, we want the Coca-Cola Christmas TV advert our screens. It brings the spirit of Christmas alive and we just cannot wait!

The ‘Holidays Are Coming’ is most definitely a staple part of the festive season for the past 20 years and the red truck signifies this in the perfect way.

The Coke vehicle is taking in a mammoth 46 locations across Britain. Well, now we have the list of places you’ll be able to capture the Christmas Coke magic while sipping a can and listening to a choir. When you visit the truck and sing along to the corals, you will not be able to get the Christmas songs out of your head! Fun, fun, fun!

Visit the Coca-Cola Website to find out what city is nearest to you this year.

coca cola truck details

  • Inverness – 20th Nov
  • Fraserburgh – 21st Nov
  • Perth – 22nd Nov
  • Edinburgh – 23rd Nov
  • Newquay – 24th Nov
  • Glasgow – 24th Nov
  • Tavistock – 25th Nov
  • Gateshead – 26th Nov
  • Paignton – 26th Nov
  • Barnstaple – 27th Nov
  • Middlesbrough – 27th Nov
  • Penrith – 28th Nov
  • Yeovil – 28th Nov
  • Morecambe – 29th Nov
  • Weymouth – 29th Nov
  • Newtown – 1st Dec
  • Colwyn Bay – 2nd Dec
  • Llanelli – 2nd Dec
  • Cardiff – 3rd Dec
  • Chester – 3rd Dec
  • Liverpool– 4th Dec
  • Swindon – 4th Dec
  • Manchester – 5th Dec
  • The O2 Greenwich, London – 5th Dec
  • The O2 Greenwich, London – 6th Dec
  • Wigan – 6th Dec
  • Huddersfield – 9th Dec
  • Great Yarmouth – 9th Dec
  • Bury St Edmunds – 10th Dec
  • Leeds – 10th Dec
  • Ripon – 11th Dec
  • Watford – 11th Dec
  • Bridlington – 12th Dec
  • Reading – 12th Dec
  • Gloucester – 13th Dec
  • Sheffield – 13th Dec
  • Bournemouth – 16th Dec
  • Nottingham – 16th Dec
  • Leicester – 17th Dec
  • Winchester – 17th Dec
  • Peterborough – 18th Dec
  • Eastbourne – 18th Dec
  • Margate – 19th Dec
  • Romford – 20th Dec
  • London – 22nd Dec
  • Leicester Square, London – 23rd Dec