Getting What You Want This Christmas

Posted by Melanie on

When you're a kid, it's easy. You write a letter to Santa. You tell your mom, dad, aunt and uncle what you want for Christmas, and you get everything you wanted and more. Christmas was much easier back then. As an adult, it might be considered slightly rude to march up to your spouse and say, "Hey, I've been really good this year... get me this." That being said, you might not necessarily want what you’re your significant other is planning on getting you.

We have a few great ideas from etiquette experts on how to get just want you want this Christmas, without coming across ungrateful and pushy. After all, we won’t have space for anymore Christmas jumpers and novelty (yet broken) gadgets for much longer.


Pinterest is a great place to pin your wants without insisting you get them as gifts this Christmas, simply tell your partner, aunt and uncle that you have folders full of great gift ideas. Once you do that, those who use or know about the site will just hope onto your profile and get you something from your pins. Pretty simple really, I have always loved Pinterest for its gift ideas.

Don’t flutter

As adults we often aren't explicit with each other about what we want, often we don't have a wish list. But if your family are struggling with what to get you, give him a couple of suggestions. This is the perfect time to get what you want, remember not to flutter around the truth and use the unhelpful sentence that we all know too well… “I’ve not really throughout about it” – Oh yes you have.

It's nice to not know what you are getting for Christmas, but it’s is equally nice to relieve the stress from your loved ones by helping them choose, always remember to say different things to each person you talk to though, else your gifts can become very repetitive (like my 2013 Christmas -_-).

Know what you want.

Let’s be honest, although we think about Christmas gifts constantly throughout December, many of us are never sure what we really want. This makes things so much more difficult for us, if you are not a person with specific wants, chances are, you’re going to receive things you may not need.

Although I have steered well away from the old fashioned and somewhat childish way to enjoy Christmas, what is so wrong with an adult wish list? Set it above your desk to be subtle about the things you want this year, and enjoy what comes your way because of it…well, that’s what I think anyway.

What do you think? Is it's OK to drop gift hints as an adult or if growing up means shutting up and just accepting what Santa brings you?

As for getting what you want out of your Christmas party, well that’s easy. Book with us! Now I have got the promotion out of the way, I can seriously tell you how to get what you want out of your Christmas party this year, without it being stressful or inconvenient.

Make a list of what you want and then measure it against the venues that you would like to book; this is of course if you are organising your own. Ensure you have got everything in mind before you book.

The big trick here is really nothing but a forward thinking action. Book early. If you book your Christmas party, your entertainment and your catering early, you will get exactly what you want and will not be stuck with second best.

But of course…book with us and your venue, catering, and entertainment are taken care of, and so, you’ll get even more than you bargained for this Christmas.