Guide to enjoying your Office Christmas Party

Posted by Melanie on

We know Office Christmas Parties are almost the perfect recipes for disaster, alcohol, office rivals and superiors, all in one room. We are here to help you avoid all awkward situations while still enjoying your office Christmas Party.

While the Christmas party can create worries and anxiety, it is an event where you can still behave professionally and have fun, and provides a great opportunity to socialize with co-workers and bosses that you normally don't have a chance to mingle with. It all comes down to something simple... "Behave right and you'll have a great night".

Regardless of how you feel about the party or the office, office parties are a crucial part of the office dynamic in the New Year. When you think about it, it’s like a Sunday afternoon visit to Grandma’s house, you don't feel like it, but you know that you probably should go.

enjoying office Christmas partyIt's a chance to meet your superiors in a more casual way and a chance for networking with new people from different departments too. It could be a great opportunity to escalate your career.

Consider leaving early. When you're deciding whether or not to go to the party, remember, you don’t have to spend the whole night there, plan an exit strategy, and at least this way, you can save face by turning up for part of the event but leave before things become awkward or drunken. And also, if work is paying, here's a chance to enjoy food and alcohol at work expense!

Find out what everyone else is wearing before the party and match the tone with your outfit. If its casual dress and you turn up smart, it’s definitely going to make the evening very uncomfortable. And for the women, find an outfit that says, ‘I’m attractive and professional’. Think about the image you'd like your co-workers to retain of you in months to come.

Arrive on time. Turning up 'fashionably late' is not an option and could kick start your night off in the wrong way. Arriving on time gives you the opportunity to say hello to everyone, and still get out early without getting round to enough people.

So mingle, be sure to acknowledge all your co-workers, and especially your superiors and their associates; the Christmas party is an excellent opportunity to build relationships. Talk to your co-workers and bosses about work issues in a positive and complimentary light, focusing on achievements for the year and fun things you remember.

Even if there's someone you really don't like, like Mike from IT, it's best to have a quick chat with them, just to relieve any future tensions.

And don’t forget where you are – technically, you’re still at work because you're with the work crowd, so treat the party as an extension to your work day.

No matter how much management has insisted that everyone have a few drinks and relax, don't overdo it.

Eat first before drinking. Space all drinks out with water, more food, and conversation.

ITS ALL ABOUT IMAGE....You should always grab a drink so you don't look like a stiff at the Christmas Party, but judge the tone carefully, don’t make any bold decisions and ensure composure for the whole night. Under no circumstances allow yourself to get hammered. The more drinks you have, the more likely you are to do something that you'll regret.

Whether you are coming to one of our events in Wolverhampton or Birmingham or you are having your office Christmas party elsewhere, there is a necessity to at least show up, and when you do, we hope these tips help to make it a positive and enjoyable experience.