Nightmare Before Christmas

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Okay, so it’s October and we are talking Christmas, we get it, Halloween comes first, so let’s take a minute to pay tribute to Halloween, with what we deem as Christmas nightmares...

Although you know how much we love Christmas, there are some things that really are a nightmare during the run up to the festivities, comment below if you can relate or if you have any other things that grind your gears during the Christmas period.

Tired before noon

After all the food shopping, the gift shopping and house decorating, there is nothing I love more than a weekend to myself, but they seem to be non-existent until the New Year, either I am running around preparing for Christmas or at work. Finding time to relax is a rarity and as a result, sleep becomes a part of my list to Santa.

Gift tags fall off the gifts

When it comes to organising the gifts underneath the tree and you realise that there are some tags, chilling on the floor…erm, who are you and where did you come from? Finding gift tags are the worst, especially when you cannot feel through the paper to identify the gift. And unwrapping is aggravated considering I am terrible at it and it usually takes a very long time.

Forgetting someone

And of course, there is always someone you forget, and not because they mean less, just because you have a hundred and one people to buy for and umpteen amount of gift ideas for each of them. It becomes difficult to remember and keep track of everything you have gotten, and as a result you have to head back into town…and you are dreading it.

Losing a present

Another nightmare that means another trip to town is losing a present. There is always one gift that goes missing, and you just cannot remember where you hid it. And of course, once you go out to get something different for them, you find it…of course...or course.

Having to go into town

Having to make it through the traffic and find a parking space in the town centre is a nightmare! After finding a parking space, getting into the shops and actually finding a gift with such short notice is aggravating, there are so many people rushing, all of the good items are one and you are stuff between not getting anything and getting a bogus gift.


There pressure of gift giving is a nightmare, the pressure of working up to end of year goals is a nightmare and the pressure of actually having to enjoy it is ironically, a nightmare! The nightmare before Christmas is one that most of us can relate to, but of course, there are many things we can do to prevent too much stress and aggravation.

And those are our Christmas nightmares! But of course, planning and prepping can help avoid all of these…but who has time to plan…am I right? Happy October.

If you can relate comment!