5 Office Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

Posted by Melanie on

Office Christmas party entertainment is important for the guests at your Christmas party, they are coming to relax, unwind and enjoy a night of fun and frolics. A DJ and disco doesn’t usually cut it. Here we have some amazing ideas for Christmas office entertainment.

Live Bands

A party is not a party without a little music, right? So let’s get it on. It is always a great idea to hire a DJ, live bands and musicians are usually icings on the cake. A DJ can play all of the Christmas classics as well as current pop music and genres of your choosing. But choose wisely, it contributes to the atmosphere of the night.

Fun Casino

A fun casino table can get everyone up and bonding, fun casino tables are just that, fun. Buy fun money and play for the highest score, the players who managed the highest profits on the night get announced and gifts. It’s an entertaining idea for those looking for both self-promo and an adrenaline boost.

Fire Performers

Fire performers and amazing, not only to they create a fantastic atmosphere, they bring the whole room to life. Fire performers play with fire in a way that gets the crowd engaged, they eat fire, press it against their skin and really make you questions what you know about flames. It’s a very interesting way to entertain your guests.

Ariel Performers

Ariel Performers look magnificent, floating from the ceilings, your performers can get really creative with what they do, from mesmerising dance acts to pouring drinks, the entertainment is engaging and fulfilling.

Fun Photo Booth

A fun photo booth entertains guests when they are at your event and also gives them something to remember when they leave (printed photo). The photo booths usually have an assortment of props and fun dress up items so that you can become a Christmas elf or even Father Christmas himself.

Entertainment is an important component to a Christmas party, people want the chance to relax and enjoy a night out that time of year and with the entertainment ideas we have suggested, they can do just that.

Booking acts is also something that will have to be done well in advanced; entertainers’ love Christmas as it’s the busiest time of year for them, acting fast could guarantee your first option.

For nonstop entertainment and a night to remember, have a look at what our Moonlight & Mistletoe nights have to offer, we have continuous entertainment at our shared Christmas parties and we can arrange something similar for an exclusive party too!