Top 10 Office Christmas Party Games.

Posted by Melanie on

Whether you are having an office Christmas party with co-workers or with family and friends, Christmas party games have the ability to transform a prim Christmas party into a memorably entertaining one. Here are some fun ways to enjoy your office Christmas party.

1. Belly Balloon Break

This is a game that you play with a timer, set your phone to a minute on the clock and begin. The aim of the game is to popped all the balloons given to you, we will be paired up and together you will squeeze the balloon until it pops, the catch is, you can only use your belly. No touching is allowed. The pair with the most popped balloons at the end of the minute wins.

2. Laughing Game

This Christmas party game goes around the circle, have each player takes it in turns to say “Ha ha”, “Ho ho” or “Hee hee”. The first person to start laughing is knocked out. Keep the game going, until one person’s left, and you have a winner.

3. Two truths and a lie

This game is a popular one all year round. Give everyone a minute to write down two true truths about themselves and a lie, this would be fun if everyone told Christmas related truths and lies. Split into 2 teams to keep score. Each person takes it in turn to read out their statement. As they do so, the rest of the team votes on which one they think is the lie. The person with the least number of votes for their lie wins.

4. The Statue Game

Explain the rules of this game before the night begins as this can be played at any time throughout the night. One person is chosen to be the statue, at any point during the party, this person turns into a statue (stops moving), in the middle of whatever they were doing. Once someone notices what they are doing, they become a statue too. The last person to notice is the loser and can be deemed least observant.

5. Name that carol.

Split the party into 2 groups and make a list of 10 song lyrics each, only one line from each song. Say a line and let the other team guess the song lyric. This is usually Christmas songs due to the time of year however other song lyricss will work the same way. The team with the most right answers at the end wins.

6. Don’t show your teeth

This is a game that can be used all year round. Don’t show your teeth has very simple rules, choose a category e.g. Celebrities, and take turns to say a celebrities name, but if you show your teeth or laugh while trying to say it you are out. Also, if people do not know what you are saying, you’re out. Last person to laugh or fail wins the game.

7. Pin the red nose on Rudolph

This is a classic. It is the same game as ‘Pin the tail on the donkey.’ The blindfolded participant spins in a circle, they are them given a sticky tail and they have to do their best to get the tail on the poster of the donkey’s bottom. The Christmas version means the participant is given a red nose and the poster is of a deer. The person that actually gets the nose on the Deer wins.

8. Limbo with a Belly

Much like many of the games, this is a spin off from an old classic, because nothing beats the classics. Limbo with a belly is basically a game of limbo, with a pillow underneath your top to create a fat Santa belly; the limbo stick can be decorated with Christmas lights to make the game even more festive.

9. Ornament Guess

This game is very simple, but it might brew a small debate. You simply have to guess how many ornaments are on the Christmas tree. Having a small prize for the winner would be fun, maybe a gold sprayed ornament on a long piece of string for the winner to wear as a necklace and parade around the party?

10. Blind Christmas Tree Ripping

Everyone needs to be blind folded for this game, you can either do it all at the same time or one by one. See how well each guest can rip a Christmas tree out of green paper. The winner is decided from a vote. (Guests cannot vote for themselves)

Games at your office Christmas party are what liven up the traditional meal and music parties. Let us know if you chose one of our games to play at your Christmas party this year.