Pros and Cons of a Shared Christmas Party

Posted by Melanie on

Shared Christmas parties are when you share a venue and experience with other companies, they a very popular at the moment. But for those who haven’t yet attended a shared Christmas party and if you are wondering whether you should book one this year, here are our pros and cons of a shared office Christmas party.

PRO: Save Time

A shared Christmas party means that you do not have to spend time searching for venues, caterers, entertainers etc. This will all be done for you. Shared Christmas parties have everything arranges so all you have to do is invite your guests and decide what you want to eat. The night will be planned out and you will be sent an itinerary of the night’s proceedings.

CON: Less Personalised

A shared Christmas party doesn’t give you the versatility to create your own company style, there no opportunity to create a bespoke reception, personalised décor or logos. With shared office Christmas parties there will be less personal input, and if you love to get your hands dirty when organising a Christmas party, maybe try to book an exclusive event. This way, you will have control over every detail, but be careful, the smallest detail missed could end up in huge disaster, choosing the right event’s organisers (like ourselves) can help avoid this.

PRO: Save Money

Because there will be as many as 100 people at your shared Christmas party, the bills are split throughout many people, this is a cost effective way to experience extravagance without the daunting price tags. Enjoying a huge venue with outstanding decorations, multiple entertainers and a 3 course meal won’t be cheap when it comes to 300 guests or less, and above in some cases. Enjoying your Christmas office night out will save you money for Christmas gifts.

decorated table in a venue

CON: Less Options

There are usually a good selections of options for a shared Christmas party, however there are just somethings many people may want to change, things like the deserts on the menu, the band that play, the décor colours. There is no denying the fact that with a shared Christmas party, there are just some things you cannot change, and so, for those looking for a bespoke office night out, try looking at exclusive office parties, this is something we can help with, or you can organise this yourself.

PRO: Big Party Atmosphere

With up to 1000 guests, and 100 difference businesses there will be a big party atmosphere, right from the word go. More people means more great vibes. Large shared events give companies the opportunity to interact with other companies around the area, and a shared Christmas party provide a social atmosphere to do it in.

There are so reasons to book your shared Christmas party, and there also some reasons why you shouldn’t. We hope however, that you can now weigh both the pros and the cons and make an informed decision with your colleagues. Our shared Christmas parties are the most popular, as of course, we do all the hard work, but please do enquire about our exclusive Christmas parties too if you would like to know how we can help.