Not to Do at the Office Christmas Party

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In December companies usually decide to throw an official Christmas party, which can be memorable and festive or utter disaster for a person’s career. An office Christmas party can be amazing, but it has the potential to be awful. So watch out! Here is are some of the pointers you need to remember when you are enjoying your office christmas party.  It might be a holiday party and a time to be festive but remember, it is still a business event and how you are perceived matters.

Don’t miss it:

You cannot not show up, not unless until you have plans that cannot be rescheduled or missed, you have to attend it even if you do not want to. Its imminent that you show your commitment to the company and be a friendly coworker. Your absence might be noticed by your boss or by someone in higher the chain of command and you don’t want to make a bad impression without a good enough reason.

Dress wisely:

This is a party but you should not dress for a nightclub. Since its a special occasion, dress work appropriate but sassy and classy. The way you dress can impose a great impression on people, and it also is something that can empower you, always choose something classy and comfortable, so that you can socialise without thinking your choice of clothes might shift and cause a scene, 

Don’t keep your significant other in the dark:

If your significant other is invited or you are allowed to bring a guest, make sure they dress properly and according to an office event and which conversations to engage in and which ones to avoid or who are who not to avoid. His or her behavior is a reflection of yours, so let your guest know what you expect of them and of course, ensure they don't drink too much...which brings to onto the next point.

Don’t drink too much!:

Things Not To Do At The Office Christmas Party

This is the most important and you might know it already and plan to avoid that but yet, so many people wander away in this no go area and leave an impression that lasts forever. Just because there are drinks does not mean you have to drink and if you do drink, make it limited or take one drink and sip it slowly and make it last all night. Just make sure you stay sober. And make sure you eat something.

Don’t look bored:

Keep smiling and appear like you are enjoying the moment and there is no place you would rather be. Do not slouch, cross your arms, yawn or frown. Appearing bored is more bad than not appearing at all. And you never know who who might be watching you.

Don’t gossip or backbite:

When talking to your colleagues keep the conversation positive and vibrant. Do not talk bad about the company or the boss, it will affect the mood around you and bring it down. Do not discuss politics, sex or religion and never gossip or badmouth about your coworkers. You might not be sober enough to do exactly that, so keep your drinks to none or very low.

Don’t be Anti-social:

If you are new and do not know anyone or (hopefully not) you hate your coworkers, it is time to check your situation and improvise. Do not site in a corner or be glued to your phone. This is an opportunity to meet people you know or even don't know and make acquaintances and mingle in the crowd. Who knows you might find a friend

Don’t climb the corporate ladder:

Just because your boss or the upper management is present at the party does not mean they are ready to be your next buddies. Do not kiss ass. Or badmouth someone to steal his place or make a case for the promotion you desperately need, You will do more good by monopolizing their time and just be polite and introduce yourself, be charming but not too much.

Don’t go in blind but with a plan:

To avoid messing it up and gossip its always smart to have a plan in mind before you start talking yourself into oblivion. Think of ice breakers if you want to meet someone new and start with that. Or some smarter conversations if you are looking forward to having a chat with the CEO. Be up to date with news, current events and on professional scoop.

Don’t flirt:

This is not the place or time to hit on someone you like, your coworker, or hit on your boss or even his wife! It can and might end very badly and you do not want an audience in case that happens. Liquid courage can make you courageously foolish, so stay away from the drinks if you cannot control yourself under influence.

These tips can hopefully help you to have a very successful office christmas party. If you are looking to book a Christmas party and haven't yet made up your mind, consider our moonlight & mistletoe events.