​Tips for Winter Events

Posted by Melanie on

Events in the winter can be difficult, there is more to think about when the weather is gloomy and there are outdoor options that just cannot be explored this time of year. But of course, there are loads of amazing things you can do when the weather is making the whole ordeal a little more ‘gloomy’ than you would have liked.

Don't leave your guests out in the cold!

This is a make or break at an event, being outside in the cold for too long really grinds my gears, and I’m sure I am not the only one, so have reception open up not a minute later than the start time (a little earlier if possible), you may be able to get away with it in the summer months, but not in the rain. Cost people mean grumpy people, and for the beginning of an event, that’s absolutely the opposite of what you’d like.

Light up your reception!

The reception in most venues usually boasts tons of naturally lighting however in the winter months, even the mid-day is dull and lacks vibrancy, so for your event, ensure that the internal lighting is nice. The sun goes down very fast and a dull reception really does not start the event off positively. This could be a great opportunity to bring in some decorative lights or even themed lights if you have chosen one for your event.

Make your reception cosy!

With people likely coming in from the rain, because let’s face it, most of the days leading to the New Year will now unfortunately feature rain, you’re going to want to comfort them right away. Ensure the reception is warm, set a nice temperature before the event starts if you can; it will save uncomfortable winging at the sign in desk. Another important tip is to ensure that you have a cloakroom near by as cold wet coats can be a pain, and of course, we do not want cranky guests before you even begin your event.

Serve comfort foods!

A menu that reflects the weather and therefore the guest’s mood is the perfect way to go, winter events call for thicker more comforting foods, and it’s just what you want after a cold day. The options do not have to be stodgy, it does not have to be carbs based, but something that is in tune with the season. Soups and roasts always go down a treat.

Don’t be afraid of the outdoors

If there is an outdoor area, and there usually is, don’t cut it off entirely. Think of hiring outdoor heaters if there isn’t already some at the venue; decorate the area with lights to make it cosy and inviting, and that way, if guests choose to go outside, they are still in tune with the mood of the event inside. And of course, always ensure that the cloakroom has someone working throughout the night in order to accommodate coats being taken in and out.

Add cute seasonal details.

Three cool ideas to top off your winter event, whether that is through heart shaped cookies, cool pinecone place cards or even marshmallow snowflakes in warm drinks! These ideas may not work for more formal events as such but there are always great ideas on Pinterest to inspire you to create your event with some seasonal details.

Don't worry about the weather!

Although you should keep the weather in mind throughout all of the choices you make when planning your event, you should not let it stress you. Your event should have a goal that you are working towards and the weather should not the driving force to all of your party decisions. Give it some thought and let the time of year inspire you to add beautiful lights, a warmer menu and crank the heating a little, but all in all, set your key goals and have a great time achieving them.

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