Top 8 myths about Christmas

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Top 8 Myths About Christmas

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Office Decorations 

Putting up decorations in the office has always been allowed, people say 'Health and Safety' doesn't allow it when the truth is that its the way they are put up for example using a ladder correctly.

Banned Snowballs

This is always a thing saying that kids cant throw balls of snow around, Its the spirit of Christmas!

Christmas is the most important holiday

People always think that it is the most important holiday but infact Easter is more important as it celebrates the rise of Jesus from the dead.

Three Kings

The typical story goes that 3 kings went to see baby Jesus when the bible refers to them as 'magi' which means wise men not kings

Boxing Day

Many people believe that boxing day is for boxing back up unwanted Christmas gift and returning them, When infact it was know as the day the churches open there collection boxes and distributed money to the poor

Christmas Tree Fire

People say that having a Christmas tree is a fire risk but it is highly unlikely that this will ever happen as there is more chance of a fire happening from faulty wiring or a overload of power outlets!

German Pickle ornament

The myth is that Germans would hang a pickle ornament deep inside the Christmas tree and the first child to find it would get an extra present but most Germans have not heard of this custom!

Jesus was born

Most people think Jesus was born in a stable, when infact there is a Greek word that means he was born inside a Inn or guest house.