What not to do at the office Christmas party

Posted by Melanie on

The most important thing employees should remember is that regardless of where the party is held, it is an extension of the workplace .

The office party offers a unique opportunity to bond with colleagues and managers. But don’t over do it. Here are a few things to be aware of

Taking advantage of the tab

There’s nothing worst then getting incoherently drunk at an office Christmas party, there is always one, don’t let it be you. Simply spending too much time at the bar can look inappropriate, but when you have drunk more than you can handle and you are completely uncontrollable, that’s when you have a real problem, all your decisions are the wrong ones and you are totally oblivious of the effects you have on others, you’ll know about it when you get back to work though.

Showing up wearing something inappropriate

There are a few people I know who will treat this night like any other Christmas party, believe me it’s not, it is your office Christmas party therefore treat it as an extending version on a day in the office, simply 

office christmas party drunk

with a little glitz and glamour about it. It’s a chance to network within your company, not just to party. Wear something pretty but conventional, a general rule for Christmas parties is, to wear what you would wear to work, just with a few more sequins.

Say something inappropriate

Sometimes I think the bar tab and the informal setting in a trick, and we are all there to be cowed into telling or superiors what we really think of their team management skills, it’s an easy one to fall into. Don’t do it! It’s a trap, you are going to have to keep your wits about you here, and you shouldn’t feel comfortable enough to want to tell them that you hate your job or to tell them what you really think about your personal life for that matter. However you can break down the professional barrier, there is nothing worse than coming to a party and talking about the tasks that are still on your desk, talk about your hobbies, sports, cooking, that sort of thing.

Dance inappropriately

The alcohol, it all comes down to that, don’t drink too much and ensure that you keep in mind at all times, that you have to work with these people in the morning. Your dancing should not necessarily be twerking.

Getting political

Topics to talk about should not be political, heating political debates at a party highlights you as the uncool one of the bunch, remember, sports, cooking, hobbies, things like that.

Cop off with a colleague who is married

You’d be surprise how many times this has happened, if you have been giving someone the eye at work for a while now and you see your office Christmas party as the right time to make a move, you are so wrong, in many ways, think of the witnesses, think of the ramifications at work. Don’t drink too much and do not make the decision to cop off with a colleague, especially one that is taken

Take silly photos

What happens at the office Christmas party stays at the office Christmas party? Wrong. The pictures with you flashing your bum or chugging a beer with be on Facebook in the morning, you’ll have the notification that you have been tagged and there will be a letter on your desk, asking you to see the boss as soon as possible. Oopsy, someone’s in trouble.

Tell someone about your sexual conquests

Now is definitely not the time to gossip, bragging about your sexual conquests with your co-workers, If you wouldn’t say it in the office, do not say it at the Christmas party.

Pull a sickie the next day

Whatever excuse you make up it just won’t be enough, ‘remember last night when I was singing a spice girls song while throwing up in the gutter? We’ll aside from that; I have the flu today which is such a coincidence, and I can’t make it into work.” –Whatever you feel, wherever you wake up, show up. Work the next day will be a chance to talk about the night and either redeem yourself or reminisce. Either way, it is vital that you are there.