Why You Should Think Christmas in June

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Thinking about Christmas 7 month in advance is, believe it or not is a great idea. If you are in charge of planning booking and organising your Christmas party for the office staff this year, then planning now is your best bet, and I’ll tell you why..


Booking in June means that you may beat other people to the mark; Christmas is the time of year where everyone is celebrating. The best venues get booked fast, and I mean FAST! By August, you will have to settle for second best, or even third! Booking your venue or at least holding a date at a venue for a week or so will mean that you get the venue you like most.

Deciding and holding a date at your selected venue is a great way to get the ball rolling. For the guests who have children, this will be a blessing, it allows time to find baby sitters and arrange for their children to be looked after on the night.

Book Hotel Early

Booking in advance means that you get great hotel prices if your group would like to stay close to your Christmas Party. Room rates are always much higher the closer you get to the date. And again, availability at the best hotels in December is unheard of.

Peace of mind

Thinking about all of the major things and planning your Christmas party event in advance means you get a total peace of mind. As the months go by your anxiety will be increasing. You will be asking yourself questions like ‘What if the venue has been fully booked” “what if there isn’t any affordable hotel rooms left” “What if I leave it too late and I don’t get all of the payments from the employees?” These what ifs are softened when you start to book as early as June.

Thinking Christmas now means that there is time for everyone to organise themselves, and so the stress of running around checking that everyone knows what is happening.

Pre Party Buzz

After booking the venue and getting the ‘Barbour’ rolling on your Christmas party. You are then free to get excited, the office will be buzzing and the office chatter will be that of good times, Christmas dinner and fun traditions.

A confirmed Christmas Party is something that everyone can get excited about.If you begin the prep now, people will begin to get excited, and that’s always a great way to boost a positive atmosphere in the office. You can get a longer lasting vibe from your colleagues’ and after all, everybody wants something to look forward to, right?

Pleasant process

Overall, thinking about the Christmas office party in June and planning it as soon as possible will make the organisational process enjoyable. You’ll have time to chat to everyone attending and see what they would like to see at the party. You’ll be able to decide on a budget and all of the decisions won’t have to be hastily made by yourself. Sometimes, a little help can make you less stressed and without time to ensure all guests have their say, the event could be less pleasant to be in charge of.

Organizing a Christmas party for the whole office is easier to do when time is on your side. When you are wrapping up another successful year, and planning a Christmas party, things can often get on top. There is a lot to do before the end of the year, and booking your Christmas party early gives you less to do in December.

Also, 1 last thing… Booking with us before June 25th means you get 10% off your booking.

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